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Welcome to Dazzle Rock Tack. 

We hope you find what you are looking for here!!  We specialize in crystal tack dripping in swarovski crystal conchos.  Almost every set we make is hand sewn by us so you can dream up anything and let us give it a shot.  Choose skins, shapes, and colors and we will design it for you. Or you can design it yourself.  We dont stop until you are satified.
 Our warranty is as good as it gets!!   We strive to have the most modern designs in our crystal conchos and the most bling!! So if you are looking for the biggest and highest quality bling-bling tack you are in the right place!!!   The crystal tack is meant to be sold in sets but you may order whatever you like.  Choose the tack style that you want and give us a call.  We welcome your designs!!  Or pick one our many beautiful crystal tack sets!! Feel free to call and ask questions.